Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Global Family Reunion 2015

I finally went to an in-person genealogy event, the Global Family Reunion 2015.  It was amazing and really quite fun.  If you have never attended an in-person genealogy event, I can't recommend it enough!  I have usually stayed home as I live in Canada and I have 6 children living at home, so it takes a great deal of work to get out on the road to an event, but it was sooo worth it!

Kristina Stewart before GFR2015

Here is another photo of me in front of the GFR2015 banners:

The first presentation we attended was Bennett Greenspan "DNA & You".

We then saw Ron Arons presenting "Black Sheep".

Henry Louis Gates had a lineup and ran out of room so we missed that one! I am going to try to view the taped session soon.

Next was Gilad Japhet "Amazing Family Tales"

We then headed over to the theater to (we thought) get a spot for the Spencer Wells presentation, but he never showed up!

We were able to make it to see CeCe Moore give a great talk on the Power of DNA.  

We stopped by the 23andMe booth and had this photo taken:

23andMe booth at GFR2015, Mike and Kris Stewart

My husband Michael Stewart was able to pose with Elvis:

We watched Randy Whited "The Future is Now" and then George Church "Mapping the Human Race"

Then we watched David Rencher "Connecting Communities"

While I was in the session with 23andMe scientist Kasia Bryc "Ask your DNA", my husband was out watching Lisa Loeb, and had the chance to get his photo taken with AJ Jacobs.  
AJ Jacobs and Michael Stewart, GFR2015

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