Wednesday, December 31, 2014

52Ancestors #7 Margaret Glover

5th great grandfather of Kristina Hewitt
4th great grandfather of Richard Monette
3rd great grandfather of Jean Mulligan

Margaret Glover was born in 1775 in Leitrim, Connacht, Ireland.

Margaret Glover married John Lloyd.

Margaret died 20 Mar 1861 in Ontario, Canada.

Margaret is buried with her husband in Sutherland, Ontario, Canada.

The children of John Lloyd and Margaret Glover include:

John Lloyd

Glover Lloyd

Maria Lloyd

Jane Lloyd

Margaret Lloyd



Known descendants who have DNA tested for genetic genealogy:

Kris Hewitt Stewart (23andMe autosomal, FTDNA Family Finder, AncestryDNA)

Jean Mulligan (23andMe autosomal, FTDNA Family Finder)

Richard Monette (23andMe autosomal, FTDNA Family Finder)

Samantha Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

Katelyn Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

If you are a descendant of Marmaduke Lloyd and Mary McMaster click here for more info on how you can help!

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