Thursday, November 27, 2014

Great episode of Finding Your Roots

I just finished watching the finale of Finding Your Roots.  It was amazing.  

I liked how they showed the ability of genetic genealogy DNA testing to show our diverse roots.  DNA testing allows us insight into ancestral lines that may not have been what we expected.  

I noticed too how they always used printouts of the DNA results.  I am guessing this is for privacy reasons, something that was being discussed in another video I viewed earlier by Dear Myrtle.  Or maybe they just like how nice and professional it looks to have them view the pretty black portfolios (so unlike my desk....which is a mess)

I also liked that they used a variety of genetic genealogy testing types of tests (Y-DNA and autosomal etc) and all 3 of the main companies.  

I had recorded this episode of Finding Your Roots, but if you missed it and didn't record it you can view it here:

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