Thursday, October 2, 2014

Global Family Reunion, Family History Month Challenge #2

The Global Family Reunion Challenge #2 for Family History month was to start a One Name Study for a unique surname in my family history.  

Interesting idea.  I already have been somewhat doing this but it hasn't been official until now.  I have been contacting every Peverelle etc that I can find.  As best I can tell we are all related, but in some cases I cant make the direct connection.

I made a Peverelle, Peverelli, Peverell, Peverel One Name project at Geni. I am now in the process of adding all the relevant profiles to this Geni project.

I also made a Facebook group and invited all the Peverelle/Peverellis etc. I could find.

I am also considering registering at The Guild of One Name Studies.

I would also like to have a Y-DNA project, but that will have to wait a few weeks. I have had autosomal testing done on several Peverelle descendants at 23andMe, so I do have a paternal haplogroup but would like to see more specific markers.

If you are a Peverelle, Peverelli, Peverell or Peverel, or a descendant please join these groups and lets see what we can learn together!

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