Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WikiTree's new Pre-1700 Self-Certification

I had occasion today to see that WikiTree has a new badge for Pre-1700 Self-Certification.  They will apparently soon require this badge to be able to add and/or edit profiles from before the year 1700.  An interesting idea for quality control.  

The test was interesting, but honestly, I don't think it will really help much with keeping the WikiTree clean of errors. The questions weren't exactly great teaching questions. In my opinion, the answer to practically everything is "it depends". This wasn't always the correct answer. There was a bit too much focus on the terms of what defines a source for example for me to find the test really useful.

It is too difficult still to identify when a profile is a duplicate of an already existing profile, and I don't find the interface easy enough to use. Since WikiTree has no sources itself, there is no easy way to attach sources, making it too time consuming to add sources to the level that would really help, and there aren't that many great, easy for newbie genealogists sources for Pre-1700 anyways. 

Since I do like the DNA features, I will continue to visit WikiTree now and then, and see if my Cousin Bait fishing lures have caught anything interesting...but Geni remains my favorite collaborative genealogy site.

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