Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you love MyCanvas, great news!

Ancestry had announced it was retiring MyCanvas in September, but they are now working with another company, and will NOT be retiring MyCanvas in the near future after all!

For the record, Thomas MacEntee had predicted that this would happen and it was his post that alerted me to this development. 

If you aren't aware of MyCanvas, it is a service that pulls your Ancestry.com data and makes a nice, editable, and finally an attractive, printable book. You can then order hard copies of the book delivered to your home.

Alexander's, the company in Utah that has been printing the MyCanvas projects, will be taking over MyCanvas. Over the next 6 months MyCanvas will move over to Alexander's but will remain available from Ancestry.com. This means everyone will be able to continue to make MyCanvas projects from their Ancestry.com tree data.

Personally, I like the ease of making a quick MyCanvas project from my Ancestry.com tree, so I am happy to hear of this development.

You can read the details on the Ancestry blog at http://blogs.ancestry.com/ancestry/2014/08/19/mycanvas-is-sticking-around/

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