Thursday, August 14, 2014

Does anyone know how to figure out who this was?

Today, in my inbox, I received a 23andMe acceptance email for a Sharing Invite I had sent out with no name! What causes an acceptance email to contain no name?

I have sent out thousands of 23andMe Basic Genome Sharing invites. Thousands.  I invite every match to every profile I manage. Over the years this has added up.  I don't cancel and resend.

So, today, I get the following email:

"Dear Kris,

Your sharing invitation on 23andMe has been accepted.
You can now compare genetic profiles by visiting

If you have questions or need assistance, please visit Customer Care at

The 23andMe Team"

Really, 23andMe? Nothing has been removed from this post for privacy.  There was no name of who accepted the sharing request.  And since all requests come to me in this form, I don't even know which profile sent the request.  What exactly am I supposed to do with this useless email?

I have 17 profiles so far at 23andMe, so its not likely to come to my attention anytime soon who this was.  I usually compare the new share and then send a message with info on which part of our tree to look for the common ancestor based on the segment(s) shared. Someone out there isn't going to be getting their message :(

Does anyone know what causes this?

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