Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scam Emails

Today I received two copies of the following email:

We are conducting a standard process investigation involving a Deceased client who shares the same name with you.Are you aware of this relative of yours? 
Yours sincerely, 
Ms.Mary Taylor 
Family Researchers."

Really? A genealogy-themed email designed to get me to reply, and thereby let them know this is an active email to further scam me? 

At least it is a bit more believable than this one:

"This message is from United Nations Financial Grants Lottery Your Email
Address Have Won(Ј500,000.00 Pounds)REF NO:UK/9420X2/68 you have to contact our Payment Officer Mr.Davis Clarke 
(1)YOUR FULL NAME : ...... 
(5)Sex:...... Date of Birth: ................ Country or Territory : .......... Fax Number-+448721138873 Tel Number-+447771146439. Thanks for your co-operation."

I get usually a few million dollars a day in this type of email.  I sure am one lucky woman! I keep telling my husband all our financial worries are over.  As soon as we collect all these windfalls....
Seriously, I know that these are simply scam emails designed to gather information about me for not-so-good reasons.

My spam filter picks almost all of them up.  So, I'm not bothered by them cluttering up my Inbox,  The real problem for me is that sometimes in the process of my research I discover people who really may be owed money (inheritance etc) and I don't contact them because I figure they will think I'm like the above senders.

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