Monday, June 23, 2014

23andMe Results are in for my eldest daughter

On Jun 19th in the evening I received an email stating that my daughters's 23andMe initial results were in.

Her DNA Relatives has still not populated, and I'm trying to watch for it to start. It should start populating anytime now :) If I watch for it I might be able to beat the cap a bit by inviting the lower ones before they are dropped.

Some people may be wondering why I bothered to test my daughter, since I have already tested myself at 23andMe.  I thought being able to see how my 6 children (I plan to test all 6) compare to their grandfather and 2 great grandparents would be interesting. Also, my two eldest daughters have a different biological father than my 4 youngest.  

Initial results in means that her maternal haplogroup is in (U8a1 same as me, guess she wasn't switched at birth hehe).

I was also able to upload her raw data to GEDMATCH.  If you haven't done this yet, consider reading my post on uploading to GEDMATCH.  Although GEDMATCH warned that it may take several weeks, here one-to-many was ready in less than 48 hours.  

I am also able to do comparisons with people who are sharing with me already at 23andMe.  

I should be able to attach her to me in the Family Tree at 23andMe but because I am sharing with so many people (8358 people so far since I keep all kits on one account) I had some serious trouble doing this. It took almost 5 minutes to do this step.  It is an important step because when her DNA cousins populate they will now have a "M" if they are from my side.   It will also allow us to view her Ancestry Composition in Split View.

Woohoo! DNA Relatives just populated....1567 matches (yes, that right 567 over the cap!) Unfortunately, her 1000th match is about 10 cM shared. She appears to not have gotten any matches that werent already sharing below 11 cM.  She was already set to sharing with 766 of the matches, 599 of those were considered to be on her maternal (my) side. I have begun the inviting frenzy already.

Of course, she matches me 50%.  They she matches my father 22.1%. She must have gotten 27.9% of her DNA from my mother.

She matches my paternal grandmother 15.4%, so she must have gotten only 6.7% from my paternal grandfather!  This is interesting to me because the average sharing would be 12.5% with a great grandparent.  

There is no relationship option for half uncle/half aunt at 23andMe, so I had to use uncle/aunt for my half siblings relationship to her.  
She matches my half brother Brandon 13.8% and my half sister Tiffany 13.6%.

Except for her top 9 matches who are all people I have tested on my account, the next 19 highest matches are all on her paternal side! 

Sam Ancestry Composition, Chromosome View, Sub-regional, speculative 

More soon!

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