Thursday, April 10, 2014

born this day - Nehemiah Allen born 10 Apr 1727

Nehemiah Allen was the son of Zebadiah Allen and Mary Hoar.

Nehemiah Allen was born 10 Apr 1727 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Nehemiah Allen married Anne Billings on 28 Nov 1752 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

The children of Nehemiah Allen and Anne Billings include:

Lucy Allen

Anna Allen

Mary Allen

Elizabeth Allen

Rebecca Allen

Joseph Allen

Beulah Allen

David Allen

Nehemiah Allen

Lois Allen

When I started this blog post the only 2 sources I had for Nehemiah Allen were the Walter Allen of Newbury, Mass. book and the Edmund Rice Association webpages. offered 5 Historical Record hints.

Although the Walter Allen book indicated he died in early 1812, I found a death record for Nov 1811 in Barre which I think is for him.

The other 4 records were 2 for his marriage, the 1790 census and an AGBI entry.

My primary interest in Nehemiah Allen is because he was a descendant of Edmund Rice.  Nehemiah Allen was my 2nd cousin 9 times removed through our common ancestors Thomas Rice and Mary King and also my 4th cousin 10 times removed through our common ancestors Edward Frost and Thomasine Belgrave.

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