Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mom's cookbook

Today's post was inspired by a copyright question answered by Judy Russell on her blog.  I've mentioned before that my mother, Doneen Hewitt, was a horrible cook.  She really was, but regardless, today's memory of my mother is of her cookbook. 

When I was a young child this Betty Crocker cookbook was the only cookbook my mother had, and it was the one I used when learning to bake. It was a great cookbook, and the instructions and recipes were perfectly fine.  I don't think she ever really used the cookbook much.   

Years later I bought my mother an updated version of this cookbook as the old one was ruined I think although I don't remember the details.  My sister Tiffany has this newer cookbook. 

My mother knew no "family recipes".  Sometimes she would make her special muffins.  We (Sandra and I) loved these muffins as kids. Sometimes she would have them ready for our lunch, which we came home from school each day for.  Looking back, I suspect this was a recipe she made when she had nothing else in the house to feed us.  

She would also sometimes give us strips of toast with margarine on it (not butter, she always bought margarine) and a bowl of corn syrup.  She called this "French toast".  Only when I was much older did I learn that most people don't eat this and call something else entirely "French toast"!

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