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Eber Rice 1755-1837

Eber Rice was born 10 Oct 1775.

Eber Rice was the son of Stephen Rice and Waity Allen.

Eber Rice was a Private in the Rev. War. He enlisted the 3rd Jul 1776 while living at Tinmouth, Vermont. He served 30 days as a Private in the Captain Ebenezer Allen's Company of Vermont Rangers. He also served from Oct 1776 for 3 weeks in Captain John Spafford's Company, Col. Timothy Bronson's Vermont Regiment. He enlisted May 1, 1778 and served in Captain Thomas Sawyer's Company of Vermont Rangers, under Major Benjamin Whitcomb and served until Nov 30, 1778.

Eber Rice was listed in Tinmouth, Rutland County, Vermont, USA.

Eber Rice was listed in Florence, Oneida County, New York in the 1820 US census.

Eber Rice was listed in Florence, Oneida County, New York in the 1830 US census.

He was allowed a pension in 1833.  I viewed the pension application pages at Fold3. 

page 42 of the Rev. War pension file at Fold3 for Eber Rice

These pages indicate that Eber and Mary had 8 children, it appears that some people have read Nancy and others Harvey for the one name on the page.  I personally believe it reads Harvey.  The names appear to be all the boys and then all the girls, and the first letter looks to me different than the "N" in New York elsewhere on the page.  The name is tagged "Nancy" and a typed letter lists "Nancy". You can view the image here.

Also supporting my theory that Nancy did not exist and the entry reads Harvey, is the 1810 Census.  In the 1810 Census there were 9 people in the household of Eber Rice in Tinmouth, Vermont.  1 male>45 and 1 female>45. Logically, these would be Eber and Mary.  2 males <10, which I propose were Harvey and Stephen. 1 male 10-15, which I propose was Seth.  1 male 16-25, which I propose was Josiah. 2 females 10-15 which I propose were Matilda and Sabrina. 1 female 16-25, which I propose was Mary.  That makes all 9 accounted for, no room for a Nancy born in 1808.

Furthermore, in the 1820 Census there are 6 people in the household.  1 male and 1 female >45 years old.  This would logically be Eber and Mary. 1 male 10-15 years old, I propose this is Stephen , 2 males 16-25, I propose this is Harvey and Seth, and 1 female 16-25 this would be Sabrina.  

Other researchers indicate Nancy was born in 1808, which would have made her about 12 years of age in 1820.  There is no entry for a 12 year old female in the 1820 census.  It is, I suppose, possible that a Nancy was born in 1808 and died before the 1820 census, but since the Fold3 record is tagged Nancy and Nancy is listed in the letter I suspect that those records were the cause of the confusion.

Eber Rice died 13 Nov 1837.

Eber Rice married Mary Alcott on 2 Apr 1788 in Tinmouth, Rutland County, Vermont, USA.

Eber Rice was buried in Florence Hill Cemetery, Florence, Oneida County, New York, USA.

The children of Eber Rice and Mary Alcott include:

Phares Rice (1788-    )

Josiah Rice (1791-    )

Mary Rice (1793-    )

Seth Rice (1795-    )

Sabrina Rice (1797-   )

Matilda Rice (1799-    )

Harvey Rice (1802-    )

Stephen Rice (1805-    )


1810 US Census

1820 US Census

1830 US Census

Rev. War Pension file for Eber Rice at Fold3

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