Friday, January 24, 2014

Yet more new matches at 23andMe and 23andMe accuracy

And I wasn't even done inviting all of the last batch!  Genetic genealogists (and others who are dabbling) will want to check your kits, and get your invites out.  I'm still waiting on an automated process for that, 23andMe!  

Of course, you can't check your matches if you don't have a kit at 23andMe, so go ahead and order one today! Trace Your Family Lineages Back 10,000 Years and Beyond.  (Ok, really, only your haplogroups will be for that far back, but I'm having great success at finding DNA cousins that I can find paper trails to.)

I was just reading an article in which 23andMe's Anne Wojcicki defends the accuracy of 23andMe results.  (Mostly defending the story run by the New York Times, where a woman had her DNA tested at various companies and got different results from each one)

Personally, I never cared for the New York Times article, as I think their approach was flawed.  If I go to a dentist, he will do X-Ray and give me results.  If he doesn't diagnose a broken femur, this doesn't mean his dentistry skills or X-Ray machine is flawed.  Each company tests different SNPs and so they understandably get different results.  Another blog (whose title I didn't care for, which goes to show I do read everything I find, and am not completely biased for 23andMe) explains the error rates as very low, but explains that even a 99.99% accuracy rate will result in errors with 1 million SNPs tested

Over on the 23andMe blog you can read about a guy who made a 3-D model program to view your DNA results.

And while I'm talking about 23andMe they are my first pick for Follow Friday today:

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BTW,  Anyone else notice Blogger was down for a bit today? I nearly fell off my chair when I got an error page instead of my site when I sat down to send off my first blog post of the day!  I confirmed it was down for everyone but then it was back :) 

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