Saturday, January 11, 2014

What is a GEDCOM?

What is a GEDCOM?

A GEDCOM is a computer file that is in plain text.  GEDCOM is short for GEenealogical Data COMmunication.  

How do I get a GEDCOM?

You can create a GEDCOM from most genealogy software, and most genealogy software can import a GEDCOM.  

Why do I want to create a GEDCOM?

The reason you would want to create a GEDCOM is to share genealogical data with another person or site that doesn't use the same software.  

How do I create a GEDCOM from Legacy 8.0?

To create a GEDCOM from Legacy 8.0 you click on "File" in top toolbar, then pick "Export" and you can then pick the details of how you want the GEDCOM generated.  

How do I create a GEDCOM from my family tree at

From your family tree on any page, you click on "Tree pages" 

Tree pages
Then you pick "tree settings" from the dropdown menu.

tree settings
Then you click the Export Tree.

What can I do with a GEDCOM?

You can send the GEDCOM to people you want to send your family too.

If you have tested your autosomal DNA you can upload your GEDCOM to

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