Sunday, January 12, 2014

The new commenting system at

It has come to my attention that recently (ok, maybe not so recently, it was back in September, 2013, but its new to me as I've just been noticing it the past few weeks) made a change to the commenting system on media (photos etc) in family trees there.  

Previously, only the owner of the tree where the photo was commented on would receive notice of the comment. Now, all users who have linked to that photo in their tree will see comments, regardless of whose tree the photo was commented on.  

So, for example, say I have a picture of my Grandma Smith with an unknown baby in my tree, and my cousin Jane has copied that photo to her tree.  One day, another cousin comes along and adds their tree, and when they copy the photo of Grandma Smith to their tree, they add a comment "Hey, thats ME in that photo" to cousin Jane's photo.  I would receive an email that someone has posted on the photo, even tho they didn't comment on the photo in my tree.

The blog post back in September 2013 with more details can be read here

I like this new system.  It makes photos that are added work as "cousin bait" for the original poster as well as everyone else who has linked to it in their tree.  What does everyone else think of the new commenting system?

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