Friday, January 3, 2014

The Genealogy Dream Tour!

Many of my readers may not know that in addition to genealogy, I also enjoy RVing.  I have traveled by RV from BC to Ontario, Canada over several weeks.  We were able to visit many great Canadian Historical Sites.  I think one of my favorites was Fort Langley, which we visited many times.

Someday, my husband and I and whatever children are still living with us will go on what I will call my "Genealogy Dream Tour".  (My husband and kids will likely have their own name for it and perhaps even some destinations they would like to visit, but they can start their own blog for that, since this is my blog I can name it what I wish hehe!)

This post will be updated as I discover new locations to visit on this trip.  

One place that is definitely on the list is Fort La Tour.   

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