Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Robert Barr

3rd great grandfather of Kristina Hewitt, Sandra Foster, Brandon Gilby, and Tiffany Hewitt

Robert Barr was born in 1835 in Ireland.

Robert Barr married Essy Geddis in 1865 in Armagh County, Ireland.

Robert Barr died in 1894 in Ireland.

The children of Robert Barr and Essy Geddis include:

William John Barr

Minnie Matilda Stewart Barr

Robert Barr

Essy Barr

Elizabeth Mary Dorcas (Lily) Barr

David Barr

Known descendants who have DNA tested for genetic genealogy:

Samuel Knox (23andMe autosomal)

Kris Hewitt Stewart (23andMe autosomal)

Sandra Foster (23andMe autosomal)

Brandon Gilby (23andMe autosomal)

If you are a descendant of Robert Barr and Essy Geddis click here for more info on how you can help!

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