Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New 23andMe matches

This morning I discovered new matches on all my kits at 23andMe, so if you have kits (autosomal DNA tests) there, now is a good time check them and send out those invites ....

Speaking of invites, I have noticed when sending invites at 23andMe now the default is to offer to share genomes, which is much better than the old default of only sharing your profile.  Profile sharing only is nearly useless.  

Now, if we could just get a sharing by default, or auto-accept all Basic sharing requests option!  I'd also love to see an option to invite all uninvited profiles on a profile to share in one click.  Sending invites is insanely time-consuming for genetic genealogists with one kit, especially when you first get results.  I have 14 kits at 23andMe already with plans to add 3 more DNA tests next week....

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