Friday, January 3, 2014

How to get your updated posts seen!

Have you ever considered that when you update a post from long ago, your readers will not likely see the updates since they will think they already read that post?

This post is for genealogy bloggers who use Blogger.  As I understand it, most other blogging sites have an option to do this built in.

Many readers look at the last few posts on a blog they have read all or most of the content on.  

Genealogy blogs are different than many other blogs in the sense that the interest in some pages about people (like the ones the reader is related to) is very high, but the interest in other pages (ones the reader isn't related to) is actually very low.  

We also tend to find new info on our blogging tops more often I would think that most other types of blogs.  For example, a person is unlikely to change or add to their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe but they are likely to add information over time to their ancestor.

When we update the info on a blog post from some time ago, the entire post stays buried.  Even if a person is following your blog and have read the page, they won't be notified of changes to that page.  You probably don't want to delete the old page and post the new updated one, because any links to the old page would then be broken.  

So, what to do?  What I have decided to do is to change the post date manually, so it will reflect the "last modified" date instead of the original post date.  This will move the updated page to the top of the blog post list, as if I just published it, but it will keep the original URL so links to the page will not be broken.

On the right hand side you can see "Post Settings"

Click on "Published on" and you will see this:

Change the date to the current date and click "Done".  And viola!  Your post will now appear as if you just published it, but with the original posted date retained in the URL.

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