Thursday, January 23, 2014

FamilySearch has passed 12 million sources attached to FamilyTree

No announcement that I can see yet on who won the contest for being the 12 millionth source adder, but in the end we all win. 12 million sources is a great achievement, so thanks to everyone who entered even one source.  

If you don't know what FamilySearch FamilyTree is, it is a collaborative genealogy tree.  You can attach FamilySearch records to the people in the FamilyTree.  They recently ran a contest for whoever attached the 12 millionth source.  

If you haven't tried FamilyTree yet, go to FamilySearch and start one today.  It is free, and a worthwhile project to contribute to.  I find the interface to still be a bit difficult, but maybe I just need more practice.   

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