Friday, January 10, 2014

Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer has a new tool, the Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer.  At this time the tool only works with FTDNA data.  

If you are a genetic genealogy and would like to check out this tool, follow the instructions here.  You can see a sample output here.

Basically, the tool uses your ICW (in common with) file, your FTNDA Family Finder match file, and the FTDNA chromosome browser file and makes a nice colorful graphic showing who is in common with you on each chromosome and helps you to see them grouped in clusters.  

This tool can help with triangulating your matches.  Unfortunately at FTDNA you can't directly compare to be sure that the matches also match each other in that segment.  It is, therefore, possible that for example in a cluster on chromosome 1, the segment is matching DNA Cousin A and DNA Cousin B, and they are in common with each other, but the segment that they match each other one is on chromosome 2.  And so therefore one is on your maternal side and one on your paternal side.  Not at all likely, but possible.    

It was interesting to see my husbands Acadian clusters.  

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