Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Albert Bradt

5th great grandfather of Brandon Gilby
3rd great grandfather of Peggy Lacoste

Albert Bradt was the son of Christian Bradt and Elizabeth Vollick*. .
Albert Bradt was born in 1791 in Ontario, Canada

Albert Bradt married Mary Vollick about 1825.

Albert Bradt died 19 Apr 1878 in Halton, Ontario, Canada.

The children of Albert Bradt and Mary Vollick include:

The children of Albert Bradt and Nellie Markle include*:

Elizabeth Maria Bradt


1861 Census of Canada.

*** see for explanation on why I believe Nellie Markle is the mother of Magdaline and Elizabeth Maria, and the parents of Albert are Christian Bradt and Elizabeth Vollick

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