Thursday, December 12, 2013

SSDI closure vote is soon! Please spread the word FAST!

I just read on Judy Russell's excellent blog that there will be a vote very soon on a budget that contains a provision for closing the access to the SSDI for 3 years.

This means that for 3 years after the death of a person, no death date etc. information will be available in the SSDI for that person. 

I agree with Judy Russell that for most genealogists, 3 years isn't too horrible, and it is certainly better than no access ever, but this is not good for many researchers.  

I am Canadian, but I do a great deal of American research, as I have Colonial American roots, and many branches of my family are in the USA, so this would affect me personally.

We are already stuck with crazy (IMHO) restrictions on access to the Social Security applications, which I used to use frequently.

You can read the details and how you can help at her blog here

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