Sunday, December 1, 2013

Legacy Family Tree 8.0 focus on Origin Report

The latest version of Legacy is now available.  I have used Legacy for my primary desktop program for years.  You can acquire a copy of it for yourself here.  The free version is pretty remarkable, altho I personally have been using the Deluxe features for many years.  There are many new features, so I plan on a blog post discussing each.

One of the new features in Legacy 8.0 that wasn't available in previous versions is the "Origin Report".

This feature will analyze your tree going back a number of generations specified by you and give you a breakdown of your percentages from each country.  I am a little displeased because there appears to be no option to get this report in a RTF or plain text file.

This is what mine shows for 20 generations***.  This one shows all my ancestors, so for example my parents birth places are included.

There is also a setting that will breakdown the results including States (this features appears to be US only which is a bit of a disappointment).

If I change the settings to show oldest ancestor only I get this chart

Hmmmm...clearly something isn't right here.  The oldest ancestor would be a "direct-line ancestor with no parents" right? Maybe I am missing the location fields in some of those. So I run a search for my "Direct-line ancestors with no parents".  This search function has no ability to limit the generations that I see, altho maybe it is possible to use the Focus Group for this, but anyhow....This gives me a list of 2077 individuals.  I then search the search list for individuals missing the field "Birth place".  This gives me 834!!!! individuals.  What!!???  Really??? Well, that is embarassing!  More on that in another post!

This feature could be useful for adding locations to profiles at 23andMe.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how this compared to what my DNA testing has indicated.  23andMe reports I have something similar for origins:

*** I do not consider my tree at 20 generations to be particularly accurate, as very early time periods can be difficult to verify, and 20 generations take me to the medieval period in many cases.  I am also still cleaning up duplicates created when I merged my Legacy file with my GEDCOM (long story for another post) so there may be areas that need merging.  My genealogy, like everyone else's is a work in progress, so what is shown here may have changed since them (and probably has).

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