Friday, December 13, 2013

Family Friends Friday - Charlotte

When I was a small child, my mother Doneen (then Doreen Foster) was close friends with a woman named Charlotte Pierce (Peirce?) who lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (I'm now not as certain on that last name, but I am sure on the Charlotte part)

I am pretty sure she is the lady on the left in a photo I have, which she sent to my mother and me and my sister likely sometime in the late 70s or early 80s with a Christmas card.  

She visited us once in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada when I was young, and the thing I remember is she bought me candy, the type that comes in little plastic garbage cans, and I remember playing with them in the bath.  I'm guessing this may have been about 1980.  It is possible that Louisa was her partner at that time, as I recall someone else came with her.  As a young child, I didn't think anything unusual about two women travelling together/living together. Actually, I still don't care, but I understand the situation more fully ;)

Sometime after my mother was married a second time in 1985, and I think after my brother was born in Jun 1987 she came again to visit.  This time I think her partner was Jane.  She brought her son Jamie.   When I asked my mother about Jamie's father she said it was a sperm donor and explained that Charlotte's friend was her partner.  This is possibly important, because I suppose now, looking back, that Charlotte may not have been the biological mother, altho I was under the impressions that she was, since it could have been her partner who was the biological mother.  This baby was a boy, named Jamie, and he was about my brothers age I think so born around 1987....

I am pretty sure that on this 2nd visit she bought me a strapless pink dress.  I wore this dress a couple years later, when my uncle Matt was married in 1990.  (Which furthers my thoughts that it was likely around 1987 that she visited).  We moved from that house when my brother was a baby still, possibly Aug or so in 1987?

I would desperately like to find this lady, and talk to her about my mother.  I was unable to find contact info for her when my mother passed.  Charlotte, if you are reading this, please contact me.  If you think you know Charlotte, please contact me or ask her to read this post!

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