Tuesday, November 5, 2013

William Riggs (born in Newfoundland)

***Great-great grandfather of Tiffany Hewitt***

William Riggs was born abt 1885 in Newfoundland, Canada.

William Riggs was the son of James Riggs and Mary Taylor.

William Riggs married Bridget Thornhill..

William was the informant for the registration of his mother Mary Taylor's death in 1937.

This family was very involved in WWII.  Two of their sons died on the same day in France (7 Jun 1944)

Two other sons had served and were honorably discharged, and a son in law, Ellis Taylor served as well.

The children of William Riggs and Bridget Thornhill include:

Caroline Riggs

Garfield Riggs

Joseph Riggs

James Brittle Riggs

Thomas Murdoch Riggs

Elizabeth Riggs

Cecil Riggs


1921 Census of Canada

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