Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday's Child - Peverelle Shamburg Hewitt

Peverelle Hewitt 
death registration 1928
Peverelle Shamburg Hewitt was born 17 Jul 1926 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Peverelle Shamburg Hewitt was the son of Ernest Hewitt and Thelma Maude  Peverelle.

His first name is obviously his mothers maiden name, but the Shamburg part is still  not explained.

The death of a child is every mothers worst nightmare, but sadly, it was a common  event in generations past.

 Peverelle Shamburg Hewitt died 15 Feb 1928 in Toronto, from dyptheria.  He  was only 19 months old.

I can only image the grief of his mother, to lose her first child so young.

The death record states he was buried at St. James, but other sources report he  was actually buried at Union Cemetery in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.  According to a family story, his mother planted a tree at his grave site.

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