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Laurent Martin

Laurence was born 9 Jan 1852 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Laurent Martin was the son of Simon Martin and Marguerite Gallant.

Laurent married Sophie Pitre in 1873.

Drouin Collection, marriage record

Laurent married Marceline Doiron.

Thats quite the list of consanguinity.

They were first cousins, common grandparents being Joseph Gallant and Gertrude Gaudet.

They were 1st cousins once removed (Jean Charles Doiron and Scholastique Poirier).

They were 2nd cousins once removed (Alexis Doiron and Madeleine-Joseph Bourg)

They were 3rd cousins, common 2nd great grandparents being Aleix Doiron and Madeleine-Josephe Bourg,

They were 3rd cousins common 2nd great grandparents being Francois Joseph Gallant and Anne Boudrot.

That makes 5 relationships but I count 8 there, plus 4 by marriage.

Laurent died in 1916 in Matapedia, Quebec, Canada.

The children of Laurent Martin and Sophie Pitre include:

Marie Martin

Cecile Martin

Antoine Martin

Joseph Martin

Albert Martin

Anna Martin

Emile Martin


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