Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jean Doiron born about 1809

Jean Doiron was the son of Jean Charles Doiron and Scholastique Poirier.

Jean Doiron was born about 1809 in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jean Doiron married Marguerite Pitre.

Jean Doiron married Henriette Gallant.

The children of Jean Doiron and Marguerite Pitre include:

Marie Doiron

Pacifique Doiron

Thomas Doiron

Adeline Doiron

The children of Jean Doiron and Henriette Gallant include:

Marceline Doiron

Armoline Doiron

Marguerite Doiron

Jean Doiron (1850-    )

Catharine Doiron

Alexis Laurent Doiron

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