Friday, November 1, 2013

Jacob Burchat

***Michael John Stewart's great great grandfather***

Jacob Burchat was born 25 Jul 1867 in Poland.

Jacob Burchat was the son of Joseph Burchat and Catherine Dobeck.

He was a Kashub.

Jacob Burchat married Annie Shulist.

In the 1921 Census, Annie is listed as the head of household.  Jacob is not listed with the family.

Jacob Burchat died in 1950 in Ontario, Canada

The children of Jacob Burchat and Annie Shulist include:

Rosalia Burchat

Mary Burchat

Agnes Burchat

John Burchat

Frances Lucia Burchat

Albert Burchat

Marta Burchat

Felix Nicholas Burchat

Gertrude Edith Burchat

Bernard Julian Burchat


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