Friday, November 8, 2013

Hannah Larroway

***Brandon Gilby's 3rd great grandmother***

Hannah Larroway was born about 1827 in Ontario, Canada.

It seems probable that she was related to the early Larroways in Ontario, connected to Jonas Larroway, UEL who came to Ontario.

Based on the birth of her presumed first child Almeda c. 1845 it seems likely she married John H Hainer about 1844.

Update: Jul 22, 2014: I was able to find Hannah listed as Anna Hayner, indexed incorrectly, in the 1861 Census at

Hannah Larroway apparently (according to other researchers) died 27 Sep 1873. I am so far unable to locate this death record.

The children of John H Hainer and Hannah Larroway include:

Almeda Hainer

Mary Frances Hainer

Elizabeth Hainer

Dorothy Ann Hainer

George Alva Hainer

Jasper Wellington Hainer

John Hainer


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