Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DNA results can now be phased

This article explains that scientists have now figured out how to determine which segments come from your father and which come from your mother.

I predict within a year (by the end of 2014) we will see 23andMe and FTDNA and maybe Ancestry offering a DNA testing upgrade which offers phased results.  The matches would then be sortable by which side they are on, mother or father.

I would gladly pay for this service on some of the kits. Personally I would pay more, maybe as much as $500 per kit, but if they want to get many customers I suspect they will need to keep the price to $100 or lower for the upgrade.

The value of truly phased data to adoptees or people looking to solve complicated genealogical problems who can not test a close relative to the original tester is enormous.  I also believe this will move us a step closer to being able to recreate the DNA profiles of people not available for testing.

I believe Ancestry is apparently already phasing their date when calculating matches, but I think this is more "educated guessing" than actual phasing.

23andMe does add a "M" or "P" to your matches if you have tested a parent at 23andMe as well, but this is not actual phasing at all, it is only going by if the match matches your parent or not.The match on your and on your parent doesnt even have to be the same segment, so it can "lie".

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