Sunday, November 10, 2013 "Web" records, Web Links, and Web searches

I've noticed quite a few "Web" databases appearing on lately.  In fact, all 3 databases added most recently, on Nov 8, 2013, were "Web" databases.

These "Web" databases are data that has harvested from various sites around the internet.

Personally, I like them.  Sometimes I learn of new sites thru a search hit in a "Web" database.  Other times, I'm simply able to add the record directly to my tree.  Not having to search some of the great sites out there is a great time saver for me.

"Web" records are available free, you don't even need an membership to view them.

I like to add as many sources as possible to my genealogy profiles at, on this blog, in my desktop database, at, etc.  I'm noticing that I usually get at least one "Web" record for every 5 to 10 Ancestry owned database hits.

Another thing I have noticed lately is the ability to link directly to a webpage from trees.  I'll confess I haven't been using this feature, but plan to starting today!

Underneath the Web Links is a searching glass which will search the web for the profile you are looking at.  You click the "search the Web for Persons Name" and it will perform a Google search for that person..

I noticed when trying a search this way a few things I didn't really like.  It only searched on the name of the person.  It used 3 variations on the persons name for the search criteria but name only, it did not add the location data which I'm sure you all know can be very important, especially for common names.

I also did not like that it did not load into a window which could have been one-click saves to the "Web Links".

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