Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Abel Pitre

Abel Pitre was born 16 Jan 1866 in Quebec, Canada.

Abel Pitre was the son of Sylvain Pitre and Marie Modeste Gallant.

Abel Pitre was baptized 27 Jan 1866 at Ste-Anne, Restigouche, Quebec, Canada.

Abel Pitre married Christine Martin in 1893 at St-Alexis-de-Matapedia, Quebec, Canada.

Christine Martin died.

Abel Pitre married Marie-Anne Pitre in 1904 at St-Alexis-de-Matapedia.  They were 2nd cousins (3rd degree consanguinity, both great grandchildren of Francis Xavier Doiron and Marie Modeste Gautrot) and double 3rd cousins (double 4th degree consanguinity) (both great great grandchildren of Jean-Baptiste Pitre and Marguerite Arsenault and  I'm still looking for the other relationship)

The children of Abel Pitre and Christine Martin include:

Ferdinand Pitre

Arthur Pitre

Jacques Pitre

Jean E Pitre

The children of Abel Pitre and Marie Anne Pitre include:

Guillaume Pitre

Sylvain Pitre (prob died young)

Joseph Alexander Pitre

Josephine Pitre

Clement Pitre

Emilienne Pitre

Rose Elise Pitre

Joseph Wilfred Pitre

Sylvain Pitre

Marie Odile Pitre


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