Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Madeleine-Josephe Bourg

Madeleine-Josephe Bourg about 1738 in what is now Nova Scotia, Canada.

Madeleine-Josephe Bourg was the daughter of Francois Bourg and Marguerite Hebert.

Madeline-Josephe Bourg married Alexis Doiron in 1753.

The children of Alexis Doiron and Madeleine-Josephe Bourg include:

Jean Charles Doiron (1760-    ) ***Michael John Stewart's ancestor***

Marie Ange (1764-d. y. )

Marie Rose Doiron (1765-    )

Joseph "Medjo" Doiron (1766-    )

Sebastienne-Joseph Doiron (1768-    )

Henriette Catherine Doiron (1769-    ) ***Michael John Stewart's ancestor***

Marie-Ange Doiron (1771-d. y.)

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