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John Martin born 1861

***Michael John Stewart's 2nd great grandfather***

Up until recently, I had done very little research on John Martin.  I did have the 1911 Census record for him located, and the names of most of his children.

John Martin was *maybe not* born in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  He may have been born in Quebec.

** update Oct 27, 2013.  My working theory is now that Simon Martin and Marguerite Gallant were the parents of John Martin.  John Martin was born maybe as one of a set of triplets, on 16 Nov 1861 and baptized with the other triplets, Edesse and Francois Xavier on 27 Mar 1862.  In one census (1871) he is listed as born in Quebec.  In the 1881 census he is listed as born in New Brunswick. Despite the locations of birth not lining up correctly, he appears to be the right John Martin, as he is living in Restigouche, NB in 1881 and his future wife was there already.  A line by line search of the Addison, Restigouche, NB census shows this is the only John Martin in town. Michael has good DNA matches to people with Gallant, Gaudet and Doiron listed in their surnames See the posts for Simon Martin and Marguerite Gallant for more info ***

page 1 of the baptism record of Jean, Francois Xavier and Edesse Martin
page 2 of the baptism record of Jean, Francois Xavier and Edesse Martin

John married Margaret Elizabeth Demeau.  I am guessing that they married about 1884, as their daughter Charlotte was likely born in 1885.

**update Oct 27, 2013.  I am still unable to find a marriage record for John Martin and Margaret Elizabeth Demeau, The online records I have access to for the area seem to start in 1888***

The 1871 census shows John as Jean, and he is 9 years old the same as two siblings.

1871 Census, Matapedia, Bonaventure, Quebec
The 1881 census shows John living with his parents and 2 of his siblings, but this time they are in Addington, Restigouche, New Brunswick, Canada.

1881 Census, Addington, Restigouche, New Brunswick, Canada

The 1891 and the 1911 Census indicate that John was Roman Catholic.

The 1891 census indicated both his parents were born in PEI.

The 1901 census lists his birthdate as 26 Mar 1861.

The 1901 census also indicates he was Roman Catholic.  The 1901 incorrectly lists him as born in New Brunswick.

Tribal Origin is listed as French in the 1901 and 1911 census.

In the 1921 Census, his grandson named Howard Thompson is living with him.

John Martin died 4 Mar 1937 in New Brunswick.  Sadly, his death record indicates his parents were unknown.

The children of John Martin and Margaret Elizabeth Demeau include:

Charlotte Martin

Mary Louise Martin

Laura Isabel Martin

Elizabeth Margaret Martin

Frank Manford Martin

Emily Agnes Martin

John Martin

Rosalie Martin

Henry Martin

William Martin


1871 Canada Census

1881 Canada Census

1891 Canada Census

1901 Census of Canada (John's birth given as 26 Mar 1861)

1911 Canada Census

1921 Canada Census

Other John Martin's:

One other was John C Martin.  John is in the 1920 US Census, with wife Mary.  Both his parents were born in Scotland.  This John is pretty easy to keep clear, as he had a daughter Jessie born in Turkey.

Another was John Martin, son of Malcolm Martin and Catherine McDonald.

Yet another was John Eugene Martin born and bapt. 1863 in PEI, son of Edward Martin and Catherine Whelan.

And yet another was John Francis Martin, bap 1857 in PEI, son of Alexander Martin and Margaret Bell.

The most promising one yet: John Martin bap 1855 in PEI, son of Firmin Martin and Gertrude Richard.  This John was Roman Catholic. This John actually died in 1937 as well, but had a wife Mary and was buried in PEI.  I actually think this one is from the right family, altho clearly not the right person.

Autosomal DNA testing

Michael John Stewart has tested at 23andMe.  If you are a descendant of John Martin and Margaret Demeau please consider DNA testing (see my post on Why Take an Autosmal DNA test?) as it could help confirm the working theory on their parents.  

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