Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ancestry acquired the records from Media24

Genealogists with an interest in South Africa will be happy to know those records arent now lost forever. The company went out of business in 2013 but I learned today that Ancestry bought the over 4 million South African family records from Media24 (Ancestry24).  

The official release on is here, and at Ancestry24 here.

Maybe I'll start getting some hints on my Peverelles/Peverellis who went to South Africa on my Ancestry tree now.  I didn't have enough relatives in South Africa to warrant a subscription to Ancestry24 but I have a World Explorer subscription to

There seems to be quite a bit of partnerships and buying of companies the past few weeks! I'm still waiting on 23andme to officially partner with some genealogy company....Ancestry has their own DNA service, and FTDNA is associated with MyHeritage/Geni.  FamilySearch is wide open, and seems to be interested in new friends, just sayin'.........

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