Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Release the 1921 Census of Canada NOW!!!!

It is June 26, 2013. It has been the required 92 years, and the 1921 Canadian census should be available NOW!

Word is circulating that there are delays in the release of the 1921 Canadian Census, even though it is ready to go by LAC.   Apparently, someone thinks only "3 old ladies in Kingston" want to see this census released!

Please sign the petition here!

According to a government website the 1921 Canadian Census was  "Taken on June 1, 1921, the census contains a wealth of information available on more than 197,500 images. The almost 11,700 commissioners and enumerators recorded by hand nearly 8.8 million individuals in thousands of communities across the country. "

I am eager to see this census, as it will have many family members I have researched.  I will be able to see if my great great grandmother Florence Nightingale Slack did come over to Canada as I suspect and more!

Compared to the wonderful release and rapid indexing of the US 1940 census, this is embarrassing to Canadians!  It is bad enough we have to wait so much longer than Americans to have access to the census, more delays are very frustrating!

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