Wednesday, February 6, 2013 DNA tests are now available!

Exciting news late last night from! is now offering DNA testing.  Geni has partnered with FTDNA and they are now offering the full range of tests available at FTDNA, and currently at a significant price reduction.

Family Finder, which goes for $289 at FTDNA can be ordered for only $169. 

Y-DNA 37 marker test $169 at FTDNA, thru for Geni Pro users is only $134.10

Y-DNA 67 marker test $268 at FTDNA, thru for Geni Pro users is only $215.10

There are also MTDNA tests at a discount.

Shipping within the US is $4, and their shipping to outside the USA anywhere in the world is only $6.  This is one-way shipping only I believe. Depending on where you live, this may make testing at FTDNA the least expensive option, due to the high cost of shipping out of the USA for 23andme.

The actual DNA lab work will be done by FTDNA, and you will get a FTDNA page to view your results and matches as usual.

In the future, hopefully there will be integration between your DNA test results and your tree, which will be very useful for identifying the connections with your matches.  I hope to have more to report on this soon, and I'm very excited about the possibilities.

So, if you were thinking of ordering a kit, check out the full list of tests and prices at HERE

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