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Harvey McMaster Lloyd

grandfather of Jean Mulligan
great great grandfather of Kristina Lee Hewitt

Harvey was born 9 Jan 1885 in Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada.  He was the son of John Thomas Lloyd and Grace Elizabeth Slocum.  

In the city directory for 1903 Harvey was living with his parents at 1124 Cheyenne Ave in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Harvey signed his name "H McMaster Lloyd".

For a short while Harvey was the minister of the Baptist church in Grenville, Quebec.  It was likely there that he met Florence Gertrude Townsend. Family tradition is that they were engaged.  

On 25 Jan 1916 in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, Harvey married Nancy Ruby Mae Manery.  

His daughter Lillian, was born 5 Jul 1916 in Montreal, Quebec.

He does not appear to have publicly acknowledged Lillian. 

Harvey and his wife went on to have 2 children, Deuel Dewitt Lloyd in 1917 and Juanita in 1918.

Harvey died 15 Dec 1918 for the spanish flu epidemic.  


For many years the story that "Harry" Lloyd was the father of Lillian was an unconfirmed family story.  My grandmother has tested at 23andMe, and she had a Relative Finder match to a predicted 4th cousin.  This person (S. G.) is actually her 4th cousin once removed.  This person is also a descendant of Abraham Slocum born 1777 and his wife Mary Murphy.  This cousin matches my grandmother 34.5 cM.  In that same segment my grandmother matches another person, who also matches S. G. in that segment, and they are a descendant of Abraham Slocum born 1777's grandfather Abraham Slocum b 1730 and his wife Abigail Smith.  So this person is my grandmothers 8th cousin, and they match only 6.2 cM.

Given these DNA results, I am convinced that the story was (mainly) true.

I find it important to note that S. G. does not match my father or myself (at least not in a segment 5cM or more, required to show as matching even when sharing at 23andMe).

So the match with S. G was the 3rd paper trail and DNA match discovered via 23andMe.  The other matches are 4th, 5th and 6th, altho they are all closely related.   I am currently working on the paper trail connection with a 5th match in that segment.

*closer relations have been tested and the connection to the Slocum/Lloyd family has been confirmed by those tests

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