Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grizetta Gowdy


Grizetta Gowdy was born 1800 in Ireland.

Grizetta married Robert Knox.

Grizetta died 9 Dec 1866 in Quilly, Dromore, County Down, Ireland.

The children of Robert Knox and Grizetta Gowdy include:

Thomas Knox

Robert Knox (1840-1911)

Joseph Knox

William Knox

Jane Knox

Genetic Genealogy / DNA testing

The following descendants have tested their DNA for genealogical purposes:

Kris Hewitt Stewart (23andMe autosomal DNA)

Brandon Gilby (23andMe autosomal DNA)

Sandra Foster (23andMe autosomal DNA)

Tiffany Hewitt (23andMe autosomal DNA)

Samuel Knox (23andMe autosomal DNA)

We would love for more people who are descendants of Robert Knox and Grizetta Gowdy to test there as well so we can identify the segments of DNA that we have inherited from this couple.  

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