Monday, January 21, 2013

DNAGedcom  is a great site with free tools you can use to get your data on your matching segments at 23andme and FTDNA.

To use these tools you register, and log onto the site.  Then you click the 23andme link at the top of any page.

You enter in your email address and your 23andme password in the boxes, with the Run FIA box checked....I don't check the AF box, because I use another method to get those (I'll post about that soon)

Then you go eat, sleep, or do whatever you do when not logged onto 23andMe, because you can't be on 23andMe while this runs.  It takes quite some time, 30 min to an hour or longer if you have many shares...This is the hardest part for me, because I pretty much never log off 23andMe.  

It is well worth the wait because you won't have to do the entire spreadsheet by hand which will take much longer than the tool does, trust me!

For people with many shares who are getting results on a new kit, this tool will save countless hours.  I wish it had been around when I tested my 2nd to 10th kits, and eagerly look forward to using it on #11 (see my post on my husband doing his spit test here) and beyond.  Time not spent on tasks automated means more time working on the family trees of matches :)

When the program is done, it will give you a zip file, which contains a spreadsheet with all the matching segments.  If I have asked you for this spreadsheet, you can send it to me unzipped or the entire zip file.  

When you get new acceptances to share at 23andme, rerun the tool. I keep all old copies, because, for now, the tool doesn't keep your old data, so if someone stops sharing for some reason you will not have their data in the latest spreadsheet.  

How to understand the spreadsheet is another post, or series of posts....I'll try to work on that soon!