Tuesday, January 15, 2013

23andme: Ancestry Composition

A few weeks ago 23andme released their new Ancestry Composition tool.

You can find it on the left menu, under My Ancestry as, not surprisingly, "Ancestry Composition" .
I put a bold black and red box around the My Ancestry section

Here is what  my Chromosome View of Ancestry Compostion looks like as of Jan 15, 2013.  Set to "sub-regional" and "speculative":

 This shows the Chromosome view of Ancestry Composition is for my maternal half brother Brandon set to "sub-regional" and "Speculative", again as of Jan 15, 2013:

Notice his small .1% Native American.   So, if you are interested to see how much Native American, African or whatever,  DNA you have, you can look in Ancestry Composition to see.

Another view, called Split View is available *IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE TESTED PARENT AT 23ANDME*

They have apparently designed the new Ancestry Composition to improve as they gain more samples, so we can look forward to more precise and accurate results over time.  I hope they also add the start and stop points of each segment.

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