Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wickliffe family

My first known Wickliffe ancestor is Samuel Wickliffe born about 1827 in County Antrim, Ireland.

By 1851 he was in Quebec, Canada where he married Mary Tiunelly, also from County Antrim.

A search of the Drouin collection at gives 20 results for Wickliffe.  In at least one case the name was spelled Wycliffe

A search of on Dec 30, 2012 brings up 392 profiles with Wickliffe, of those 310 are in the "Big Tree".

A search of the Wills Calendars at PRONI gives 3 results for Wickliffe.  They are for Bessie, John and Samuel Wickliffe.

John mentions his wife Jane and his daughter Bessie.  He also mentions his daughter in law Sarah Jane, widow of his son Moses.  He also mentions his granddaughters Lizzie and Jane Wickliffe, daughters of his son Moses and Sarah Jane.  He mentions his sons John and Samuel who were living in New Zealand.  He mentions his daughter Sarah Jane Millar, otherwise Wickliffe, who lived in Australia.

I can not yet connect these Wickliffes to *my* Wickliffes.

A search of the 1911 Irish census gives 10 entries for Wickliffe.  They appear to be in 4 households.

One household with 3 Wickliffes is the household of a 37 year old John, wife Sarah and their daughter Alice.  With them is living a niece with the last name Williamson who was born in Norway....

Another household is that of a John Wickliffe, indexed as 42, but I believe it reads 62, his wife Sarah Jane and their daughter Agnes Jane.

Another household is that of a Joseph Wickliffe, age 59, his wife Catherine and their niece Mary Wickliffe, age 14.

The last household is that of Sarah Jane Wickliffe, widow age 73, quite likely Sarah Jane Adams, the widow of Moses Wickliffe.

There were also 7 entries for Wickliff.

A search of the 1901 Irish census gives 13 entries for Wickliffe.  There are an addition 7 (in 2 households) under the name Wickliff.

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