Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is MY number?

This was prompted by a blog post by Michael LeClerc which was in turn prompted by a blog post by Judy Russell which apparently was prompted by a Facebook post by Lisa B Lee.  This all appears to have happened in August but it was in an email from today.

The idea is that an individual has 1024 (not 1022)  ancestors at the *8th* (Michael LeClerc lists 7th but its 8th) great grandparent level, and the 10th generation not least by my calculations.

2 parents
4 grandparents
8 great grandparents
16 greatX2 grandparents
32 greatX3 grandparents
64 greatX4 grandparents
128 greatX5 grandparents
256 greatX6 grandparents
512 greatX7 grandparents
1024 great X8 grandparents

My numbers broken down by generation:

2/2 parents = 100%
4/4 grandparents =100%
8/8 great grandparents =100%
15/16 greatX2 grandparents (93.75%)
30/32 greatX3 grandparents (93.75%)
44/64 greatX4 grandparents (68.75%)
30/128 greatX5 grandparents (23.43%)
23/256 greatX6 grandparents (8.98%)
17/512 greatX7 grandparents (3.32%)
25/1024 greatX8 grandparents (2.44%)

That means my number is 2.44%.   Here is a pretty graph generated by a program written by a friend. 

It pulled my info from and came with a nice document on how many of each generation I had.  What is interesting is the top half is my fathers side.  Those of you who follow my story know I have only had that information for a little less than a year.  Yet, it is as developed as my maternal side, which I have been researching for over 20 years!

Most of the missing ancestors are for parents of people born in England or Ireland etc.  My goals for 2013 include raising my number as much as possible.  

So.... whats YOUR number??

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