Saturday, July 28, 2012

Edmund Rice.

11th great grandfather of Kris Hewitt, Sandra Foster, Brandon Gilby, Tiffany Hewitt

The parents of Edmund Rice are UNKNOWN.  I wish that they were known, but they are not.  I just had to get that out there.

Today, for fun, I decided to try to contact all the members who have Edmund Rice in their tree.  So far I have made 81 connections, and have 711 to go.  The number seems to still be going up.

I'm curious how many responses I will get.

There are millions of descendants of Edmund Rice, and many of them have multiple lines of descent from Edmund Rice.

If YOU are a descendant of Edmund Rice, possibly here because I recently contacted you at, please consider autosomal DNA testing.  You can read my blog post about autosomal testing HERE.

Edmund Rice married Thomasine Frost 15 Oct 1618 at St. Mary's Church, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.

They had 10 children.

Edmund married Mercy Hurd  on 1 Mar 1655.

They had 2 children.

The Edmund Rice Association has a wonderful online site which includes the first 5 generations of descendants.  If you are an Edmund Rice descendant you might consider joining the Association as well.  They also run a Y-DNA testing project for RICE males.

The children of Edmund Rice and Thomasine Frost:

Henry Rice

Edward Rice

Mary Rice

Thomas Rice

Lydia Rice

Matthew Rice

Daniel Rice

Samuel Rice

Joseph Rice

Benjamin Rice

The children of Edmund Rice and Mercy Hurd:

Lydia Rice 

Ruth Rice

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  1. Edmund Rice (1594 - 1663)
    is my 9th great grandfather

    Thomas Rice (1626 - 1681)
    Son of Edmund
    Thomas Rice (1654 - 1747)
    Son of Thomas
    Henry Rice (1675 - 1717)
    Son of Thomas
    Henry Rice (1717 - 1818)
    Son of Henry
    William Rice (1743 - 1831)
    Son of Henry
    Charles Emerson Rice (1789 - 1862)
    Son of William
    Thomas Manson Rice (1828 - 1900)
    Son of Charles Emerson
    Charles Emmerson Rice (1852 - 1930)
    Son of Thomas Manson
    Anzy Ellen Rice (1890 - 1940)
    Daughter of Charles Emmerson
    Edna Clouse (1921 - 1998)
    Daughter of Anzy Ellen
    Richard Brownlow Davis