Friday, May 4, 2012

Oliver Poncia

Oliver Poncia was the son Thomas Francis Poncia and his wife Selina Rosetta (Allen) Poncia.

The members of this family appear to have colorful lives!

His brother Ernest Allen Poncia was on Birmingham Pub Black List in 1903.

Oliver was conviced of "larceny and receiving" in 1884 and sentenced to 4 mths in prison.

Later the same year he was convicted of "uttering co. coin [counterfeit coin] twice in the same day."

Oliver was convicted of a crime in 1886 and sentenced to 15 mths.

In 1889 an Oliver Poncia, likely the same one, in court at Derbyshire was imprisoned for 18 mths for "Felony, larceny simple".

In the 1891 census, Oliver Poncia is found listed in prison in Derbyshire, but the birthplace is listed as "Rome, naturalized citizen".  His occupation is listed as "merchant seaman"

Oliver was in Wormwood Prison in 1901.


1871 Census of England

1901 Census of England

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