Saturday, May 12, 2012

Helping others and yourself

I have spent much of the past 2 days with my family working on photographing and transcribing local cemeteries for

They currently are running a contest with prizes including Subway gift cards, T-Shirts and  Billiongraves+ subscriptions for a year.  We are aiming to win all of the above at least once (7 of us here in the family, we'd sure like to win matching T-shirts hehe)  which is the prize if you are in the top 10 for either pictures taken or transcribed this month.

To take the photos you need an Android or an iPhone.  Then when you upload them you can let someone else transcribe them if you dont get to it.  This is the primary reason I  like BillionGraves, because I found that when I photographed cemeteries I never found the time to transcribe the photos afterwords to upload them to FindAGrave

This and the 1940 Census Project has kept us all rather busy with genealogy projects that don't always directly relate to our current family research areas.

I would imagine that you have brickwalls in your research.  They are likely not in your geographical area (or you would have read every record, visited every grave, etc. and solved it, right?), and you likely dream of being able to go to the area and work away at the problem with access to the local records etc that may help you to solve the mysteries.

If everyone worked in their own location we would soon have access to cemetery photos far away from us to use in our family histories.  

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  1. I am wondering what classes you took to become a professional genealogist?