Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who is being blacked out??

The photographer died in 1896 so that is the latest year possible.  We believe this is a picture of the Peverelle family.  It was taken at the Red Lion Inn in Holt, England.  It is possible that this is the Poncia family and not the Peverelle family but is believed to be the Peverelles.  The Peverelle family were originally the Peverelli family in Como, Italy, and many relatives immigrated to the Birmingham area.

Who is inked out???

Can anyone narrow down the date of this photo?  Or identify anyone in it?  *

Photo provided by Malcolm Benn.

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  1. I may be wrong but the short girl in black seated on the floor above the word 'Holt' may be Winifred Albina Peverelle.