Monday, March 12, 2012

Joseph Della Porta

Joseph Della Porta was born in Como, Italy.

Joseph was the son of John Batista Della Porta and ? Peverelli (sister of Luigi)

Joseph married his cousin Rosa Peverelle in 31 Oct 1857 St. Bartholomew's, Birmingham, England.

Joseph Della Porta ran a department store that is now a House of Fraser (Rackhams).  

Here is a photo Joseph Della Porta took of his shop in 1888:

Della Porta shop, photo by John Lewis Della Porta taken in 1888

There is currently an exhibition in England of the photos he took, as he took over 100 photos of all the shops in the neighborhood.

You can see a recent photo here.

For a time the store was run by Joseph and his son in law Augustine Alfred Rabnett (called Arthur in the House of Fraser archive site in error).

Interesting the site had some medieval artifacts found. You can read more on that here

Joseph died 4 Jun 1904 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

The children of Joseph Della Porta and Rosa Peverelle include:

Mary Rachael Della Porta

Joseph Lewis Della Porta

Beatrice Ann Della Porta

Helen Agnes Della Porta

Rose Gertrude C Della Porta

Isabel Frances Della Porta

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